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Age 0-16

At ReadingMile®, you can find anything and everything about children books including the details of 60,000+ leveled English
children books, 1000,000+ book reviews, new release, bestseller, awarded books, editors' picks and many more…


Story Time

Age 0-3

Reading aloud to your child every day does not only inspire him to become a book lover naturally, and help him to
understand the world; it is also a magical way to strengthen the intrinsic bond the two of you share.


Read with DingDong

Age 4-9

Your child listens to the short and interesting phonics stories and learns to read aloud,
then submit his/her audio and our system will rate how well his/her did.


Kid Author

Age 4-9

All children are creative and imaginative! At ReadingMile®, they can follow the tutorial to
create their unique storybooks with adorable characters and beautiful scenes.

Welcome to ReadingMile®

ReadingMile® envisions a community where all kids love reading and have unlimited access to quality books.

We aim to inspire children to read for pleasure, and empower them to read to inspire others.

Research often shows that becoming a lifelong reader relies on developing a deep love of reading at very young age. In fact, if children do not enjoy reading when they are young, they are unlikely to read when they get older. The big challenge for parents and teachers is not simply getting children to read but getting them to enjoy reading, too. So how can parents and teachers motivate children to read? is built to facilitate parents to help children to discover the pleasure and power of reading. We provide online and offline platforms, including:

1. ReadingMile® Online Programs

2. ReadingMile® Free Resources

3. ReadingMile® Storybook Series

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ReadingMile® Program

Why children should read? Because there are many benefits of being a book lover, just to name a few: reading sparks your child's imagination and stimulates curiosity, which imparts a love of learning; reading also helps to improve your child's concentration and build up his logical thinking, which opens the door to your child's early academic success. Not to mention, reading aloud to your child could also strengthen the parent-child bonding.

So, how parents could inspire children to read? ReadingMile® Program is designed to facilitate parents to cultivate the love of reading in children at early childhood – from reading aloud to children, children read on their own, to children tell a story and create their own stories, all in one place! What's more? Children could earn ReadingMiles to redeem rewards as they read!

ReadingMile® Story Time

Becoming a book lover begins with being read aloud by parent at very young age. ReadingMile® Story Time assists you to read to your child a series of interesting stories that cultivate the reading interests and habits in your child. All stories are written in everyday language along with colorful illustrations and lively characters to introduce the fundamental life values, knowledge and skills. Each story comes with a set of free materials including games, checklists, certificates and parent guides to assist parents with engaging the child and further reinforce the lesson of each storybook.

Reading aloud to your young child is also about bonding. ReadingMile® Story Time just creates a magical way for you to strengthen the bond between you and your child. Enjoy reading!

ReadingMile® Read with DingDong

ReadingMile® Read with DingDong is a great story series to get your child learning to read for pleasure. Series of short phonics stories are specially designed to help your child to build up his confidence in reading. Each story focuses on a specific set of sounds. Your child listens to the audio of the short phrases, and attempts to read the sentence by himself, then submit his recording to get a score.

To help your child to build the passion and foundation of learning, praise him when gets a high score and encourage him when he gets a lower score. Most importantly, allow your child to read on his own pace and enjoy reading with no pressure.

ReadingMile® Kid Author

No cartoon or movie can hone the creativity and imagination of your child more than a good storybook. Let your child's creativity and imaginations run wild!

With ReadingMile® Kid Author, your child will follow along and learn how to create his storybooks step by step. Your child will apply the reading experience he has gained from ReadingMile® program, to add characters, pictures, drawings, and text, then save the storybook in your account. You may print out the storybook or share it online as desired.

Stories are beyond the words on a page. As your child writes the words, the story plays out in his mind, letting his creativity and imagination run wild. When your child writes a story, he tells a story too, enabling him to master the amazing and mind-blowing art of storytelling.

More ReadingMile® Programs are coming soon. Stay tuned!

ReadingMile® Free Resources

ReadingMile® Book Finder

Looking for some good books to fill your child's bookshelf? ReadingMile® Book Finder is a free tool that allows you to access the details of nearly 60,000 leveled English children books and over 1 million book reviews from around the world.

You could search books by various options, such as book's title, author, age group, grade, reading level, genre and many more other options. On WeChat, you could also easily search books by using ReadingMile® AI Book Finder.

ReadingMile® Blog

At ReadingMile® Blog, you could find anything and everything about reading and books - Recommended Books by age groups, New Release, Editors' Picks, useful tips to motivate children to read for pleasure, practical guide to engage children while reading and many more...

ReadingMile® Materials

Various practical guides and materials can be downloaded on, to assist parents and teachers with engaging the children and further reinforce the lesson of each ReadingMile® Storybook.

In additional, parents and teachers could also download various printable materials created by DingDongMama from our Blog, such as reading plans, weekly activity planners, reward certificates and charts, meal planners, growing-up journals, travel journals and many more!

ReadingMile® Storybook Series

ReadingMile® Storybook Series is created to assist parents to discover the value of reading aloud to children, which naturally inspires children to discover the pleasure of reading and ultimately become life-long readers; and to help parents raise positive and joyful children.

ReadingMile® Storybook Series consists of 7 themes and each theme comprises a series of stories that are suitable for children of different age groups.

01 Moral Smart -The ability to learn the difference between right and wrong
02 Safety Smart -The skill to keep oneself and the others safe
03 Body Smart -The knowledge and skill to keep oneself healthy
04 Self Smart -The ability to understand and accept oneself
05 People Smart -The ability to perceive and respond to other people
06 World Smart -The knowledge to adapt to and preserve the world
07 Word Smart -The ability to use language effectively

Each story comes with a set of free materials including games, checklists, certificates and parent guides to assist parents with engaging the child and further reinforce the lesson of each storybook. is committed to give back to the community. We are donating the ReadingMile® Storybooks to the children in need in Hong Kong and China on an on-going basis. Since the first series was published in July 2018, we have donated total 8,664 storybooks so far:

  • 600 English storybooks to Po Leung Kuk Kindergartens in Hong Kong, China
  • 1,800 English storybooks to Po Leung Kuk Primary Schools in Hong Kong, China
  • 600 English storybooks to Plan International HK for their charity sale at the HK Books Fair in July 2018
  • 1,200 English storybooks and 1,200 Chinese storybooks to 97 nurseries operated by Plan International China
  • 1,344 English storybooks and 672 Chinese storybooks to 14 kindergartens in Xian, China
  • 624 English storybooks and 624 Chinese storybooks to 5 kindergartens in Shanghai, China
Please feel free to contact us if your charitable / non-profit organizations would like to receive the ReadingMile® Storybooks.

Reasons to Love ReadingMile®

"I really enjoy reading the ReadingMile® Storybooks and the wonderful characters in the books who I know personally in real life. ReadingMile® Storybooks allows parents and kids to enjoy the fun of reading while exploring important themes such as safety and health tips, moral values and people skills. In-book questions allow kids to make choices and talk about the outcomes. This series of storybook is a perfect fit for anyone trying to teach kids reading and about the power of their choices, it is also perfect for character education from early years and allows parents and kids to enjoy quality, fun and meaningful time together! I highly recommend the ReadingMile® Storybooks to every parent, teacher, and principal!"


Reasons to Love ReadingMile®

"As a series of enlightening storybooks for kids, creator Michelle Leung shows us a series of colorful storybooks to impart values in a fun and enjoyable way. Cute, curious children and a relatable Mom form the backbone of this series which is sure to be added to libraries and bookshelves! Bravo Michelle!"

MING CHEN Chief Culture Officer of EF Education First

Reasons to Love ReadingMile®

"First of all, the content is soooo good! The stories are all about the daily life of kids, they can understand the situation easily and learn to do the right thing from DingDing and DongDong in a very natural way. The painting is also very fantastic, the characters are super cute and my son just loves them so much! Look forward to the following series! And since my son is quite interested in the books and willing to take some time to listen to me reading the books to him, we can spend quality time together. It's not only about learning English and manners, but cultivating the habit of reading as well. I believe he will be able to read books by himself very soon. This would be a valuable life-time habit for him. I really appreciate it."

Gary Su Art director and brand consultant at Yeahmobi

Reasons to Love ReadingMile®


David Zou China project manager of International Volunteer HQ