ReadingMile® Storybook Series

Open The World to Your Child

The first ReadingMile® Storybook Series is now published!

Reasons to Love ReadingMile®

Practical Stories

Series of interesting and practical scenes allow children to associate the stories with their daily lives. All stories are written in everyday language to introduce the fundamental life values, knowledge and skills.

Lively Characters

Each character has his/her distinctive personality which allows children to associate the characters with the people around them. The entire series of stories is written with same characters, which creates a consistency that helps children to blend into the stories and motivates them to read on.

In-Book Questions

Series of questions are provided within the story for parents and teachers to ask children “while reading” to engage them and to check out if they are following your pace.

Children’s Missions

Series of items such as the favorite toy and book of the main characters are hidden throughout each story, parents and teachers are encouraged to assign the “mission” to children to look for these items “after reading”.

Supplementary Materials

Various practical guides and materials can be downloaded on, to assist parents and teachers with engaging the children and further reinforce the lesson of each storybook.

"I really enjoy reading the ReadingMile® Storybooks and the wonderful characters in the books who I know personally in real life. ReadingMile® Storybooks allows parents and kids to enjoy the fun of reading while exploring important themes such as safety and health tips, moral values and people skills. In-book questions allow kids to make choices and talk about the outcomes. This series of storybook is a perfect fit for anyone trying to teach kids reading and about the power of their choices, it is also perfect for character education from early years and allows parents and kids to enjoy quality, fun and meaningful time together! I highly recommend the ReadingMile® Storybooks to every parent, teacher, and principal!"


"As a series of enlightening storybooks for kids, creator Michelle Leung shows us a series of colorful storybooks to impart values in a fun and enjoyable way. Cute, curious children and a relatable Mom form the backbone of this series which is sure to be added to libraries and bookshelves! Bravo Michelle!"

MING CHEN Chief Culture Officer of EF Education First



Each story provides two to three games to refresh children’s memory and to help them apply what they have learnt in their daily lives.

Children's Check List

A Check List is provided with every storybook to highlight the lesson of the story and help children measure how they are doing in their lives.


Upon completion of the Check List and all games, parent can download the certificate, sign it, and present it to children to help them accquire a sense of accomplishment.

Parent's Guide

Useful instructions for reading the story effectively and practical tips about teaching the story’s lesson can be found in the Parent’s Guide of every storybook.



Having had a region-wide corporate career for 20 years, including more than 10 years in the education industry, Michelle Leung was inspired to pursue her dream of transforming her passion for reading into her new career after she became a mother. As the Founder of Reading Mile Foundation, a newly registered non-profit organization in Hong Kong, Michelle strives to inspire children to read for pleasure and to empower them to read to inspire others.

“My mom reads aloud to my younger brother and me every day since we were born, and she is super-duper good at storytelling, and that’s how I became a book lover and a super reader. Organized, detail-minded, creative, funny, determined, my mom is all these. But most importantly, she loves me, my brother and our dad to the moon and back, and we love her very very very very very much, too!”
– DongDong, daughter of the Author (10 years old)

I enjoy the time when my mom reads aloud to my elder sister and me. My mom is the most beautiful woman in the world to me, outside and inside because she is always considerate, caring and compassionate, she likes to help people in need.
– DingDing, son of the Author (8 years old)