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Inspire to Read.
Read to Inspire.

Who We Care

Research consistently demonstrates that becoming a lifelong reader is rooted in developing a profound love for reading at a very young age. While knowledge continuously evolves, literacy remains a lifelong companion for children, enabling them to learn, think, communicate, and inspire others.


At Reading Mile, our mission is to inspire children to read for pleasure and to empower them to inspire others through reading.


We envision a community where all children develop a love of reading and have unrestricted access to quality books, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their lives.

Reading Mile Foundation is a registered charity under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance of Hong Kong SAR [IR File No 91 15252


What We Do

ReadingMile® Storybook

ReadingMile® Storybook Series is thoughtfully crafted with two key objectives in mind:

To help parents discover the immense value of reading aloud to their children, which naturally inspires young minds to uncover the joys of reading and ultimately become lifelong readers;

To assist parents in nurturing positive, joyful, and resilient children.

To date, ReadingMile has developed five innovative storybook series, including the flagship collection "We Are Children Treasure Box." These high-quality picture books are crafted to introduce the "No, Go, Tell" safety rules, equipping children with essential skills to protect themselves from various forms of abuse.

Storytelling Sessions

At Reading Mile®, we bring stories to life through our vibrant Storytelling Sessions, held in collaboration with partner organizations such as NGOs. These sessions are available both virtually and in-person at accessible venues like shopping malls, and serve as a cornerstone of our community engagement. They consistently attract crowds of eager children and their parents. Our events are celebrated for their interactive, immersive experiences that not only entertain but also educate.

Recently, in partnership with Plan International HK and Sunday KISS, we launched the "We Are Children Treasure Box" series as an interactive reality. Over two weekends, our founder, Michelle Leung, hosted fourteen storytelling sessions, transforming reading into a dynamic activity that captivated young minds. These sessions are more than just reading aloud; they are meticulously designed to be engaging and informative, teaching children crucial safety rules like "No, Go, Tell" through story-driven games and activities. The enthusiastic participation and the joy on the children's faces underscore the impact and popularity of these sessions.

Parenting Workshops

Reading Mile® offers a comprehensive suite of Parenting Workshops, designed in collaboration with partner organizations to strengthen family bonds and enhance child safeguarding. These workshops serve as a resource for parents, guiding them on how to use storytelling to forge stronger relationships with their children through reading aloud and to create a supportive home environment. Below are some of our workshops series:


  • More than Just Storytelling: This workshop focuses on the transformative power of storytelling to enhance parent-child bonds.

  • Parenting ABC: A foundational series that offers essential strategies for effective parenting.

  • Child Safeguarding - Child Protection Starts with Parents: This workshop emphasizes parents' critical role in the early stages of child protection.

  • Child Safeguarding - Say NO to Bullying: A targeted session that equips parents with strategies to help their children stand against bullying.

  • Child Safeguarding - Building a Safety Net: This session focuses on creating a secure environment for children, preventing abuse, and ensuring their safety.

Books Donations

Since the launch of our inaugural ReadingMile® children's book series in 2018, we have proudly donated more than 15,000 storybooks, supporting a diverse range of organizations in their mission to enhance literacy and spread the joy of reading among children. These donations include our flagship picture book series, "We Are Children Treasure Box," which introduces the essential "No, Go, Tell" safety rules. Through these engaging stories, we equip children with the crucial skills needed to protect themselves from various forms of abuse, fostering a sense of empowerment and self-awareness. Our commitment to promoting literacy and child safety continues to drive our efforts as we strive to make a lasting impact on the lives of young readers. Below are some of the beneficiary organizations.

I really enjoy reading the ReadingMile Storybooks and the wonderful characters in the storybooks who I know personally in real life. ReadingMile Storybooks allows parents and kids to enjoy the fun of reading while exploring important themes such as safety and health tips, moral values, and people skills. In-book questions allow kids to make choices and talk about the outcomes. This series of storybooks is a perfect fit for anyone trying to teach kids reading and about the power of their choices; it is also perfect for character education from early years and allows parents and kids to enjoy quality, fun, and meaningful time together! I highly recommend the ReadingMile Storybooks to every parent, teacher, and principal!

Lucy Lui

Executive Director of YK Pao Education Foundation

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Whether you're interested in our Storytelling Sessions and Parenting Workshops or are seeking book donations for your community, we at ReadingMile are here to assist you. We look forward to connecting with you and exploring how we can collaborate to make a positive impact in the community.

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