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ReadingMile.com is built to promote the love of reading by providing 3 customized online reading programs for Kids & Teens (Readers), Parents and Teachers respectively. Each program facilitates various helpful and time-saving tools to help you to manage reading in a fun and organized way – Set a Goal, Start Reading, and Be Rewarded!

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ReadingMile® Program provides you with various helpful and time-saving tools to make reading fun and organized --- You can set Reading Goals, find great books to read, and:

  • You earn ReadingMiles® to redeem rewards as you read!
  • You earn badges to show off as you read!
  • You challenge your friends to win prizes as you read!
  • You share your fun ideas with friends as you read!
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Want to read aloud to your kids but don't know which books to read? Or, want to motivate your kids to read independently but don't know what to do? At ReadingMile®, we help you to guide your kids to set their Reading Goals, choose recommended books to read, track their Reading Progress, and reward them with the ReadingMiles® they earned.

You can also chitchat with Friends, browse and write Book Reviews, and access to unlimited fun ideas and informative articles to help you motivating your kids to read. Register your Parent account today to open the world to your child through reading!

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Looking for a better way to organize your students' reading activities? ReadingMile.com helps you to set Reading Goals and create Booklists for your students, track their Reading Progress, generate Reports; assign pre-loaded Quizzes or create customized Quizzes to challenge your students' reading comprehension; and send out Badges and Certificates to encourage them to read more.

You can also write and browse Blog articles, meet other teachers and form Groups to share your experiences and ideas, browse and write Book Reviews, and access to a number of free Resources to build your students' reading skills and confidence! Register your Teacher account today to help cultivating the love of reading in your class!

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What They Say?

Reading is like an adventure

I love reading soooooo much because everytime I read, I learn new things, I travel to new places and I meet new people! I've read 4000+ books so far and I will keep reading. I can't wait to share my experiences and ideas with all of you at ReadingMile.com!

Marilyn Cheung
10 Years Old Book Lover

Best Gift from Parents

I started to read aloud to my kids since they were born and they enjoy reading very much. I believe it is indeed one of the best gifts I have ever given them as a parent. Are you struggling to find books to read aloud to your little ones? Or you're struggling to motivate your kids to read independently? Let's join ReadingMile where you can access various helpful tools and free resources to help your kids becoming lifelong readers.

Michelle Leung

Founder of ReadingMile® & Mother of 2 Kids 

Organize Reading Easily

ReadingMile is an effective tool for organizing reading program for my students! Now with a few clicks, I can set reading goals and create booklists for my students, track their reading progress, generate reports; assign pre-loaded questions or create customized quizzes to challenge my students' reading comprehension on one platform. Most importantly, students are motivated to read more with the badges and rewards they earned! I can't say enough good things about this program!

Sophia Shen
Primary Teacher


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DingDongMama | 2023-01-13
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ReadingMile_Editor | 2018-07-13
最近為仔仔朗讀《歡樂動物園》,仔仔本身好鐘意動物,最近好鐘意模仿動物的聲音~特別係恐龍「吼~吼~」呢本書最特別之處係有動物叫聲,一按就有叫聲,仔仔每次都會好開心跟住叫!叫到哈哈大笑!最近亦特別同仔仔一齊整動物pop up卡,一拉長頸鹿條脷佢雙耳就會彈起!每次都玩到哈哈大笑!雖然每日簡單地朗讀,仔仔已
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每周推荐童书系列|Captain Underpants
ReadingMile_Editor | 2018-07-09
你可能常常在书店看到这个系列童书的封面,但你知道这个系列已被翻译成20多种语言,更售出超过7,000万册书籍吗? Captain Underpants是美国作家兼插画家Dav Pilkey的儿童小说系列。这个系列围绕两个居住在俄亥俄州的四年级学生,George Beard和Harold Hutchi
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The Inquisitor's Tale: Or, The Three Magical Children and Their Holy Dog
Adam Gidwitz
“A profound and ambitious tour de force. Gidwitz is a masterful storyteller.” —Matt de la Peña, Newbery Medalist and New York Times bestselling author
Rip the Page! Adventures in Creative Writing
Karen Benke
“Rip the Page! is an invitation and a feast. Every page springs the imagination into freedom, eagerness, curiosity, the spirit of experimentation, and
Let's Investigate with Nate: #02 The Solar System
Nate Ball
Felix, Rosa, Braden, and Wendy are investigating with Nate again and this time it's all about the solar system. They're investigating whether or not P
Oh Susannah: #02 Things That Go Bump
Carole P. Roman
欢迎来到得奖作者Carole P.Roman在Oh Susannah系列里的第二本著作Oh Susannah:Things That Go Bump。这本图书的情节让读者们更深入认识Susannah,更让新读者与这系列有更多的联系。你可以把它当成一本独立的图书,又或者把它作为Oh Susannah:


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